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Yoga teaches us to live in the present moment. In yoga practice, we train the mind to soften and get more spacious via breathing, postures and awareness practices. Alas, we finish class and the talk is back -- worse, because now that we've practiced listening to the quiet, the inner dialogue seems more pronounced.

The question: What keeps those voices at bay for good? How can we truly take the practice into any situation and approach it all with real presence and true grace?

Life coaching offers supremely-useful tools to practice presence every single day, off or on your mat.  The method that I have learned combines yoga philosophy and coaching. At the most basic level, this form of life coaching teaches "Personal Integrity" to all aspects of your being. From your heart, you'll dare to devise a dream. With your mind, you'll translate that dream into plans, and with your whole body, you'll execute.
Often, we're strong in one aspect -- great at dreaming but weak on planning or execution; strong on execution but weak on dreaming big. At this fundamental level, this is about the alignment of heart, mind and body, via an artful system of promises and consequences, which builds that muscle of personal integrity.

Yoga, Meet Life Coaching

Our yoga practice gives us feelings of clarity, kindness and awareness, yet we struggle to consistently cultivate those qualities in our daily interactions. This particular method sees yoga as an efficient entry point to greater consciousness and consistency. If we truly wish to live our practice, we have to cultivate its values everywhere in our lives -- especially in our families and our personal relationships. We are at a critical time in human evolution, a time when we can generate true shifts in consciousness. To that end, there is a growing movement of people who want to exemplify truth, caring and consistency in the world. The values we cultivate in coaching, noted below, resonate from yoga practitioners to teachers of all kinds and back.

Oneness: A recognition that everything is universally connected, with a deep regard for how you impact yourself and others, using your thoughts, feelings and actions.

Truth: Not only the ability to know, evaluate and say what you really think, but also living your life in alignment with your truest, highest ideals for yourself.

Alignment: The understanding that wherever you're holding yourself back from being honest, you're suffering the results of that misalignment. And when you're truly living your dream, you're aligned, open, capable of fearless communication and ready for anything.

Love: Truly loving yourself and others means coming from a place of balance, in which you can regard your own truth -- and that of another -- with equal weight and respond from your heart in any moment.


A Yoga Life Coach™ is not a therapist or a consultant. Coaches will not give you advice or tell you what to do. Coaches do not promote “wishing for” or “manifesting” theories as sole strategies towards what you want. You must be willing to take action, declare what you want to the people around you, and be honest with your coach in order to move forward.

The benefits of coaching

With a coach as their guide, clients are able to define their dreams, recognize what’s holding them back, and move forward with great momentum and clarity of vision.

Coaching is an ongoing partnership between coach and client, designed to improve and enhance the client’s quality of life.

It is about where you are now, where you want to be, and how to get there quickly.

Our mission is to help you align with your true self, so you can:


How it works:

Sessions can be done over the phone or in person. Each session can be 30 minutes to 60 minutes. Pricing is $ 50 (30 minutes) $85 (60 minutes)

Please contact via email alyson@serenityogastudio.com or call our office 302-373-7538. We look forward to hearing from you... 

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I've been coming to Serenity Yoga studio in Middletown for about 5 weeks and I can't speak more highly of it. After just my first class, I was hooked and try to make at least one class a day if my schedule allows. They provide a great workout, but it is so much more than physical. After only a month, I feel more in tune to myself, my emotions, and feel more love for everyone I meet in my day. Thank you to everyone at Serenity Yoga! Maura Tunney

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5244 Summit Bridge rd
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